Problems With Washers And Dryers

You want to watch for problems with all your household appliances, so you know when there is a problem with one of them. As soon as you see something to indicate a possible problem, you want to have a technician look and see what's going on, so they can fix the problem for you. The washer and dryer are two appliances that you'll need to keep in good running order. The information here can give you a better idea of things you can see happening that would indicate a problem with one of them. 

The washer is leaking

One problem that you can find happening with the washing machine is that it has a leak. If you are seeing water coming from the washer, then you need to have this fixed right away. Not only is it bad to continue using a washer with a leak, but it will also increase the risk of issues like mold developing or water damage to that area of your home. 

The dryer isn't drying your clothes

If you find that you are putting your dryer on the same setting you always have and your clothing is damp by the end of the cycle, then this can indicate there is something that needs to be fixed. Your dryer should work continuously in the same way, and when it stops doing that, you should call someone out to see why and to fix the issue that's going on. In some cases, an issue like this may require areas to be unclogged or something to be repaired and in other cases, you may be looking at a need to replace the dryer. 

The washing machine is noisy

A washing machine can start to make noises if there is something wrong with it. There are different sounds that can indicate different issues that can be happening to it that need repairs. One noise it may make can sound like a grinding or rumbling noise. This can indicate that there may be a drum bearing that's worn out or a drive pulley that's broken. Any new sound should be taken as a cause for concern and checked out by a professional. 

The dryer is making weird sounds

The dryer will likely also start making noises when there is something that needs to be repaired. If you start to hear a lot of strange sounds from the dryer, then this is often the result of an issue with the drive motor. You'll want to have a technician come check the dryer out and fix the problem before you continue using it. These sounds can include squealing or rattling sounds.

To schedule an inspection, contact a washer and dryer repair service in your area.

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