4 Pro Ways To Fix The Most Common Hot Tub Problems

The hot tub is a perfect place to enjoy a hot steaming soak in the evening. However, it can be inconvenient when the system fails. Most people do not even realize their tub has broken down until they try turning it on for a warm bath, and the water remains ice cold. Other common indicators that the system has fallen apart include when the jet stops functioning as it should and when the pump starts making unusual screeching noises. Here are four ways to identify some of the top hot tub issues that require repair.

When the Tub Stops Heating Efficiently

One of the issues you have to deal with is a tub that does not heat as it should. It is common when the heater gets broken or when the flow of water from your pump reduces. The heating element is a metallic part of the tub. If it corrodes over time, it eventually stops heating as it should. You should make sure that the pH in your tub is always above seven. If it falls below that, the water becomes acidic and starts eating away at the element. 

When the Jets Malfunction

The hot tub jets work the hardest to ensure that the appliance stays functional. It is the part of the pump that receives the outflow of water from the pump. When it fails, the entire tub also malfunctions. You can troubleshoot the problem by opening the access panel and checking whether the airlock valve is functional. If you remove the airlock and it doesn't restore the function of the jets, get a professional plumber to assess the problem. Remember to check the condition of the filters because when they get blocked, the entire unit's functionality fails. 

When the Pump Makes Unusual Noises

Unusual noises are another indicator that the pump might have failed. You should remove all airlocks and ensure that no part of the pump has a clog. It is advisable to also watch out for squealing sounds as they indicate that your bearings are damaged already. 

When the Panel Keeps Displaying Errors

Another issue is when the tub control panel keeps displaying error messages. For example, the flow message appears when the jets stop working as they should. If you cannot correct the error, allow a professional plumber to handle it. 

Tub repair experts can help you deal with these and many other issues with your hot tub. With their help, you will address the minor malfunctions before they cause extensive damage to the tub. For more information, contact a repair company such as The Spa Guys.

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