Garbage Disposal Making A Clunking Noise? What May Be The Problem And How To Repair It

A garbage disposal is a nice feature to have in your kitchen. It allows you to skip the step of having to clear every crumb and food particle from the plates of food at each and every meal. This can be a time saver, and you don't have to worry much about having to empty the drain plug after each dish washing. If you have a garbage disposal, then you already know what a convenience it is to have. You may also run into a problem with it from time to time. If you have an issue with your garbage disposal where it isn't running and is just making a clunking noise, read on for tips to help you repair it.

Turn Off The Power To The Disposal

Start by turning the power off to the disposal. Don't just turn the switch off; turn the power off at the fuse box to prevent injury or electrical shock. You'd hate to be working on it when someone accidentally turns the switch on out of habit. This could be very dangerous. If you aren't sure if you turned off the right fuse, which may happen if your fuses aren't marked, you can test the disposal to see if you hear it making the noise.

Feel Inside The Drain

Remove the cover to the garbage disposal and then feel around for anything that may be clogging the disposal. If you put something in there that is too hard, it can clog the disposal or make it run roughly until it's removed. Something such as a bone, a piece of a corn cob or anything else too hard that shouldn't go into your disposal could have been the issue. Reach inside and feel around. If you don't feel it in the drain, you may have to remove the entire disposal to see inside.

Remove The Disposal Assembly

Get underneath your sink and start removing the disposal assembly from beneath. If there is something stuck inside, you can remove it from there. While you have it opened up, inspect the blades of the disposal to see if they are worn out or in need of replacement. Clean out the disposal assembly and replace the blades as needed, then replace the disposal assembly. Turn the power back on and check to see if it's working again.

If your garbage disposal is still not working, it may be an issue with the motor. If this is the case, hire an appliance repair contractor to take a look at the disposal. Remember what you can and can't put down your disposal to ensure your disposal lasts a long time. Avoid anything hard or too stringy, such as corn cobs and bones or husks. 

To learn more, contact a garbage disposal repair contractor.

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