Repairing A Microwave Surface Light Could Add To Safety

Installing a microwave above the stove makes sense for many homeowners. They might not use the oven or stovetop that much, but they rely on the microwave frequently. They might even use the microwave for purposes other than cooking. Many microwaves come with a feature for providing added light. All you do is click the "surface light" button, and the bulbs come on. For those needing a night light, the microwave provides a decent amount of illumination for someone who doesn't want to fumble for the light switch in the dark. The microwave surface light can do a great job — until one day when it doesn't. You hit the light button, and there's no light. Then, a light switch goes off in your head and you think, "Why not call a microwave repair pro?"

Not Always an Easy Job

Replacing the light inside the microwave seems like it shouldn't be more complicated than replacing a burned-out light in a lamp. Granted, you must remove the grating cover to reach the burned-out light, but still — how hard can the job be? Sometimes, however, these things turn out to be more complicated than you realize. If you don't have a careful hand and follow all the necessary repair and safety steps, you could harm the control board. If the control board stops working, you then have a new part you must replace and fix. Someone who messed up the light bulb replacement job probably shouldn't press forward with doing repair work anymore. Calling an appliance repair service capable of fixing the microwave is likely a better plan.

The Matter of Safety

Don't put off the replacement of a surface light when relying on it to improve safety. Without the surface light, you may lose the added safety that it once provided. Some still might not wish to leave the overhead kitchen light on from dusk until dawn. While understandable from a waste and efficiency perspective, keeping the kitchen light off means that there won't be any light. Issues such as these suggest it is wise to move quickly to replace the bulb(s).

The Nightlight Stop Gap

If circumstances delay the microwave repair technician from arriving before nightfall, move any available night light into the kitchen. If you don't have a nightlight, then try to buy one. Please keep it on standby in case the surface light ever fails again. Having a backup contributes to nighttime safety plans.

To learn more, contact a microwave repair technician.

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