3 Reasons Your Dryer Is Not Tumbling Like It Should

If your dryer is not tumbling, then your clothes are more than likely not getting clean. You need your dryer to move for your clothes to dry. If your dryer is not tumbling your clothing, there are a few repairs your dryer may need in order to get things running correctly.

The Belt May Need to be Replaced

The motor in you dryer causes the drum to turn via a belt that connects the two different parts together. The belt has to be in good shape for the energy of the motor to be transfer to the drum of the dryer. If the belt snaps and breaks, or just gets too loose, it will not be able to convey the energy from the motor to your dryer and keep things running like it should. If the belt is damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

The Idler Pulley May Need to be Replaced

Next, the idler pulley may need to be replaced. The part is what makes sure that the drum belt that runs from the motor to the drum of your dryer maintains the right tension. Not only does the belt have to be in good shape, it needs the right level of tension as well in order for your dryer to move and try your clothing.

Oftentimes, before the idler pulley will just stop working, it will create a loud squeaking sound. You may also notice the drum in your dryer spinning a little slower before it stops working altogether. This is an easy part for an appliance repair technician to replace.

The Drive Motor May Be Done

If the belt is in good shape and the idler pulley is still working fine, the actually motor that drivers the operation of your dryer may be the issue. The motor is responsible for both turning the drum inside of the dryer as well turning the blower that helps dry off your clothing.

When the motor is not working, it may make a humming sound as it attempts to still work. A qualified technician can verify the issue with your motor by doing a live voltage test. The live voltage test will let the technician know if the supply lines to the motor need to be fixed, or if the motor itself is blown and needs to be replaces.

If the drum inside of your dryer is not moving like it should, then either the belt, idler pulley, or the drive motor are not working as they should. A qualified technician can look at your machine and easily fix or replace these parts for you, getting your dryer working again in no time.

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