What Are The Most Common Dryer Maintenance Issues?

Most people never consider getting a washer dryer repair done on their dryers; replacing the machine seems to be the norm. However, a little bit of maintenance may be all that's needed to keep a dryer going for another several years or more. Before you consider replacing your dryer, here are some common basic maintenance issues that you should consider:

The Dryer Doesn't Turn On

If this happens, don't panic yet. Several things can cause this problem. What you can do first is check your settings. If your control settings seem normal, try powering on the dryer again. If the dryer does not activate, check the power supply. It doesn't necessarily have to be the dryer's power apparatus either; the problem could be the electrical connection to the dryer. You can check the panel, the electrical outlet, and even the power cord, as those wear with age. Other issues that may prevent your dryer from starting include the terminal block, door switch, thermostat, start switch, and thermal fuse. Check out your user's manual and give all of those a try before you go any further.

It Fails to Tumble

A dryer will not tumble for several reasons and, in most instances, it is just an issue with the belt, drum support roller, or motor parts. A defective belt means that the dryer's drum can't be turned. Usually, when a belt is replaced, a new idler pulley is installed at the same time. Drum support rollers support the drums and, as with anything old, they become worn. The repair is not difficult, but if it is out of your comfort zone, consider contacting a company that specializes in washer dryer repair. A buzzing sound when your dryer is on means that you need to check your motor.

No Heat

Your dryer is on, but there is no heat to it! Several things could be the cause: thermal fuse, coils, temperature switch, thermostat, timer, power cord, or in gas dryers, the igniter and burners. But before you go into the technicalities, check your dryer's settings. It may be an obvious overlooked feature but, if multiple people use your dryer, or you have a pet, the temperature settings could have been adjusted without your knowledge.

In short, dryer repairs are no joke. Some of these problems will require a professional to fix, while others you can do on your own; all should be a priority. Contact a company like Eco Appliance Service for more information and assistance. 

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