Time For A Freezer? 4 Steps To Help It Serve You Better

Upright freezers are a great way to add to your family's food storage. The freezer compartment of your refrigerator will hold a few days-worth of food for most families. However, they won't store enough food to prevent weekly trips to the grocery store. That's where the upright freezer comes in handy. If you've recently purchased a freezer, you want to make sure that it serves you well. That means you want to avoid problems that could cause your food to spoil. Here are four quick ways to avoid problems with your new freezer.

Choose the Right Temperature

When it comes to freezers, all temperatures are not the same. While you might save a little on your energy bill by raising the temperature on your freezer a few degrees, you could spend more on wasted food. To protect the food in your freezer, set the temperature to the lowest possible setting. If the lower setting causes your ice cream – and other frozen desserts – to freeze too hard – move those to your inside freezer, or let them thaw out for a few minutes before serving.

Keep the Freezer Compartment Full

If you're keeping your freezer only half-full, you might be wasting energy, and preventing your food from freezing properly. When you keep your freezer only half-full, it will take longer for the foods to reach their freezing point. That's because they won't have other frozen foods to keep them cold while they're freezing. To maintain energy-efficiency, and to freeze your foods properly, always keep your freezer compartment full.

Use the Two-Step Process

If you like freezing fresh fruits and vegetables, but you don't like dealing with the frozen mounds of food, try using the two-step process. Place your fruit and vegetable pieces on a cookie sheet. Place the cookie sheet in the freezer and allow your fruits and vegetables to reach freezing point. Once they're frozen, place them in their storage bags. Your fruits and vegetables will stay mound-free until you're ready to use them. This process also works well when freezing bread dough for rolls.

Keep it Clean

If you're noticing that your freezer isn't freezing your food properly, it could be an issue with maintenance. This is particularly true if the seal is dirty or greasy. Before you call the service technician, take the time to give it a good cleaning. Open your freezer and use a damp cloth to clean the inside edges of the lid and seal. This will ensure that your freezer lid closes securely, which will help your food freeze properly, and stay frozen.   

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